After managing a successful company, leading about 500 international water turnkey projects, Noureddine Smali and Lahcen Elhadaji chose to use their expertise to create a Water ecosystem solution, the Hyperlocal Water Unit.


Agile Water’s main goal is to provide adaptable solutions, focusing on the ease of use, fast deployment , efficiency, long term solutions, and the creation of local opportunities.

Talking about the « Think Tank » which coordinates 25 men and women on the field, we have reached a conclusion, showing many different strategies and technics could be applied to manage a better clean water access for vulnerable populations.

We maximise all keys of the process ( High volume distribution, competitive price, easy to use, logistics, local distribution, etc … ).

This new economic model, integrates low revenues from the Urban and Peri -Urban areas, willing to create local opportunities for clean water development.

In order to ensure a long term solution, The Hyperlocal unit is conceived with a minimum of consumables, to provide a smart and integrated solution.

Our solution, improves local development, and clean water access to communities.

( 0,4 Cents / Liters ).

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