technology transfer

3 billion people drink dirty water

Waterborne diseases are the leading cause of death in the world.
Faced with the huge scourge of lack of water, it is imperative to change the method!
  • Transfer to as many people the technique and know-how
  • Enable local businesses to manufacture their own equipment
  • Sharing of added value
  • Mastery of technology by local actors
  • Adaptation to local conditions

When transporting PVC or PE tubing you carry up to 30% air. When we know that shipping represents up to 30% of the cost of equipment, we say that many countries or groups of countries have any interest in producing their equipment on site

Ditto for the potabilsations compact units c of 50,100, at ... 1000 M3 / h. We have installed more than 13 Compact Units to produce drinking water and we are ready to study with you the possibility of transferring the plans of our units, train your technicians and engineers to manufacture them locally, start them up and make them work.

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