25 years of fieldwork and expertise, led us to set up a tool capable of answering the challenges related to the scarcity of water and its access to the greatest number.

Origin of the project

Our experience in the field and the realization of more than 500 contracts turnkey on 30 countries, made us aware that parallel to the contracts of funders there was a huge demand for alternative solutions, quick to put in place, and especially sustainable. As part of the Think Tank, which brings together 25 women and men in the field, we started from the observation that there are many technical solutions to make drinking water, but that no one has found a solution that is duplicable to large scale, which is economical in terms of ease of use, transportation and energy consumption, and especially that integrates a distribution solution locally.

A new approach to :
  • facilitate access to drinking water
  • for the poorest
  • in periurban and rural areas
Our Vision :
  • A decentralized model, fast to deploy, sustainable and reproducible
  • Limited investment and transportation costs
  • Economic anchoring, local management and governance
  • Removing water chore
  • Allow young people and women to generate income
  • Improve the health of the population
To put consumers back at the center of the device, it is necessary to :
  • Create a local value chain based on women's engagement and operational commissioning that fosters local ownership in terms of: operation and maintenance, routing and distribution, quality control and procurement equipment.
  • Have a flexible, scalable and sustainable system, quickly adaptable to the local context and reproducible, including in areas at risk of security
  • Focus on local investors and limit infrastructure investment
  • By favoring communities that enjoy the proximity of a surface water resource, existing wells or unexploited boreholes
  • Provide a technological offer accompanied by support in terms of organization and training at the local level to empower actors at all levels (production, distribution, sales, quality ...)
Gathered under the banner "Agile Water", our experiences are at your disposal to save you time and efficiency in your project.
  • Innovations: as part of the Expert Think Tank,
  • Implementation of new economic models to allow access to as many people as possible to drinking water
  • Integration of technological bricks
  • Integration of human and commercial organization models to ensure the quality and sustainability of the service, at an acceptable price
  • financial engineering in partnership with donors, cities, regions