Best wishes for 2020 !

Agile Water has the great pleasure to wish you a happy new year.

Success & propserity

Mr Lahcen Elhaddaji and Noureddine Smali, are wishing you the best possible forthcoming year. Creating Agile Water SAS in 2019 had a double purpose.

First to keep offering you  the best products and services in the field of drinking water , irrigation and waste water that you need for your projects.

Also, with a group of 30 international field experts, from various countries, we created a Water think tank to develop innovative and sustainable  economic models for drinkable system in emerging countries. We strongly believe that this decentralized, fast-to-deploy, affordable, sustainable and scalable  models, can be  easily adapted for safe, clean, reliable drinking water supply in many parts of the world.

2020 will be a decisive year for us as we have to install demonstrators on site

To finalise that , we hope we will have the pleasure to work with you, as we did for these last 25 years.

And we stay at your disposal for any request you may have... 

Very Best Regards

N. Smali & L. El Haddaji